6 Advantages of Drone Services in the Construction Industry

Why would we spend on drone services? We have people who have been doing our procedures manually for years.

Our results are just working fine. This is how we have always done things.

Why will we rely on machines that have a risk of malfunctioning suddenly?

If you have not read our last blog post, drone services in Dubai are inching their way to become a standard part of the usual workforce in major industries especially in construction. For something so small, the benefits are simply too numerous to ignore.

The goal of drone service providers is to give you more time for the things that matter to you: more time for family, more time for your hobbies, more time to give yourself a break. Let’s face it: Work-life balance is becoming non-existent because of constant work demands.

But hey, we understand where you are coming from After all, we are not strangers to these industries as we were part of them before and being in Dubai, we are pretty much exposed to construction every single day. But give us by the end of the article to convince you otherwise.

6 Advantages of Drone Services in the Construction Industry

1. Faster Land Surveying

How long does it take to do a land survey? You are the expert so we will leave the answer to you. But one thing is for sure: there is no survey process that is done in a snap.

Unless you have a superhero in your workforce, surveying eats up a lot of time that can be dedicate to other tasks like actual execution of the project. But if you had a drone, surveying is going to be a walk in a park. Did you know that a fully-charged drone can cover about 20 acres worth of land in a 12-minute flight?

2. Better Job Progress Reports

How do you currently give progress reports to your clients? Do you draw the layout of the area and mark it up with comments?

Would you bet your career on the precision and accuracy of these reports that you will hand out to clients? Job progress reports are essential in construction and this is probably one of the areas where drone services providers are known for. Take the M600 Pro Kit as an example combined with high resolution cameras that support 4K video recording: Wouldn’t it be nice to just send a link to your clients so they can see for themselves the progress report? Wouldn’t it be easier for you to utilize drone services in Dubai construction areas rather than go back to paper and pencils?

We’ll leave the answer to you.

3. Thermal Imaging Recording and Live Feeds

Check out this video of our partnership with Workswell. SkyStance is currently the sole Middle East distributor of the WIRIS 2 Thermal Imaging Camera. The detail it gives about heat leaks and moisture penetration are information that can also be replicated by standard inspection tools. We won’t lie.

But as with all elements, heat and water do not stay on the same place and they do not maintain their state for long periods of time. A small heat leak can become critical leak a few hours later. A moisture penetration now can become a huge hazard later during the day.

Here’s the deal: Would it be really practical to assign people to check these details every minute? Imagine the manpower that you would be dedicating especially for a large site as compared to a drone service provider that can get you the information live as you proceed with the project.

4. Bidding Success

Drone services in Dubai are on a rise. But most of them are usually into photography, videography and entertainment. But being in partnership with a drone service provider who specializes in industrial approaches gives you a great advantage over your competitors. It is not the time to be conservative because everything now is being progressive. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential client and we can assure you that if you see aerial services as part of a project proposal, it’s hard to say no to that.

5.  Marketing and Profitability

So yes, you have agreed to be in partnership with drone services in Dubai like SkyStance and now you are asking “What else can I get out of this partnership?” We are now in the digital age where everything can be accessed anytime and anywhere by millions of people in a given time. It is a competition among those riding the technology wave and there is a certain edge that favors those who do.

A construction firm who offers aerial services is a firm who is updated, savvy and fully understands the demands of the industry. You are a firm who knows where and how to delegate the most demanding tasks using the most efficient ways possible.

In the time it takes to take the cap off a pen and roll out a drawing sheet, a drone has already taken flight capturing the most crucial details of your project.

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