How Can Drones Help Dubai’s Goal for Expo 2020?

In Dubai, people are mainly interested in buying a drone. And that’s the honest truth. Who would not want to own a cool device that flies and takes photos?

However, as we have mentioned in our 5 Tips Before Flying A Drone In Dubai, it can be pretty challenging to even be allowed to fly. This is why we recommend being in partnership with a drone service provider like SkyStance to take care of your needs.

The Expo 2020 Dubai is an initiative to showcase the ingenuity of technology in application to the growing emirate. In fact, they have three important themes to discuss namely Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability. All of these things are what we believe drone services can definitely give.

In this article, we highlight drone services that can help Dubai. Services that you may have never thought possible but because drone services are coming into existence, the ideas that were once merely clouds of thought have the huge possibility of coming into existence.


1. Rescue Drones

If you have not seen this footage yet, prepare to be amazed.

Meet Little Ripper, the life-saving drone that made headlines this year. This machine is part of a greater rescue family over at The Ripper Group International located in Australia.

They started with helicopters which was the closest thing to efficient air rescue and for the past 42 years, they have been saving lives. With the recent drone technology making its way in the market, the company introduced their newest family member in the form of Little Ripper.

How many times have we heard about disasters happening and there was just nobody there to get on time? Accidents and calamities are all time-sensitive.

Unfortunate incidents can happen anytime, everywhere. No matter how efficient the procedure is or how fast the vehicles would be, there will still be difficulties that arise in that moment. The time has come to utilize the technology we have now for the benefit of those who created it.

burning building manila philippines

This photo is that of a burning establishment in the Philippines last 19 March 2018.

While the Philippines is considered to be not as advanced as Dubai, emergency respondents in that country were surely trained to respond as fast as they can. The death toll has reached 5, 2 of which were surveillance operators. Most of fire-related deaths involve being trapped.

With drone technology and motion sensors, it would have been easy to spot movement and know where to concentrate rescue efforts.

We’re not discounting the ability of our emergency response teams, don’t get us wrong. We simply believe that if drone services are used in conjunction with the expertise of our first responders and medical crew, we will be able to work more efficiently and save more lives.

2. Medical Supply Drones

Have you seen the TV series “The Good Doctor”? If you have, you would remember a scene where they had to get an organ for transplant. There was a timer on the container and they needed to get it back to the hospital on time. Their first plan was an airlift but due to weather conditions, they had to do land travel. The organ made it on time but only so; there were a few minutes remaining on there. But imagine if they were caught in traffic?

Dubai is not a stranger to traffic with the population increasing and the number of vehicles directly related. Here is a map of the traffic hotspots in the United Arab Emirates.


In case you have not heard, the medical tourism industry in Dubai has been continuously growing and there is an influx of both medical experts and patients from all over the world. It is considered one of the fastest growing medical tourism places.

Drone services in deliveries and patient care is not a trend. In fact, it has been utilized all over the world and you can see 9 drones that have already revolutionized healthcare and the benefits that they have provided to many.

Imagine a drone being able to deliver medicine to remote areas or monitoring a patient who has dementia or is physically unable to care for themselves. Remote care is being done in many places around the world and with Dubai expecting an influx of patients, drone services would be a worthy option to make sure the care received would be both efficient and effective.

3. Direct from Farm Drone Delivery

Dubai or any region in the Middle East have fallen into the category of being agriculturally-challenged because people have associated it with two words: heat and desert.

We can’t blame them because while we do have small agricultural community, it cannot be argued that Dubai is rich in desert sand and temperatures can reach higher than what is considered comfortable or farm-friendly. Dubai has less than 7% of land viable for farming and this is a worthy challenge that the government has decided to take with a 15 year plan.

85% of the foodstuff is Dubai are imports and the rise in food consumption is not slowing down anytime soon with the latest measured at 12% annually.

Check out this video from Hawaii:

Can you imagine getting fresh produce and not having to line up at the supermarket?

What about knowing and seeing the food you will be eating picked and chosen by farmers and then delivered to you?

Of course, drone services will not be the answer to keeping up with the rise in food consumption, however, Dubai has taken the necessary steps to create solutions such as soil-less farming, modern greenhouse technology and hydroponics. And even in those solutions, drone services can play a huge role especially in delegating manpower and budget in the most effective manner.

4. Green Technology Drones

Seeing a lot of ironic things, yeah? Dubai and green are not commonly paired. But it is happening. With Expo2020 just around the corner, Dubai is now exploring ways on how to become more technologically-efficient without hurting Mother Nature.

You can easily say that Dubai is a city of lights, at least not officially.

But it still is.

In comparison to other countries like the UK or India, a typical UAE resident uses up 8000kg of oil-equivalent energy.

Average consumption in the UK would be at around 3000kg and India at 500kg. This is why the initiative for a new energy strategy is another key factor in making Dubai a smart city.

According to, the official portal of the UAE government, the UAE is looking into involving solar and nuclear energy as sources in addition to the natural gas that the country is producing.

So what is the significance of drones in this greener environment plans of Dubai? Drone services contribute in generally in reduction of pollution and can help in the monitoring of these renewable energy sources like solar power.

Utilizing drones instead of trucks for deliveries greatly reduces carbon emissions and this makes for greener environment. Once Dubai has officially started prioritizing solar technology, drone surveillance can be used to monitor these plants to make sure they are running efficiently. In turn, these protocols will reduce the need to burn gasoline for transportation and produce much better visual results than manual surveillance.

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