Drone Technology: The Ultimate Advertising and Marketing Hack

It is without question that drones are becoming more mainstream each day.

The Super Bowl performance for Lady Gaga, this drone delivery commercial for Costa Coffee, even action movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. And who could forget the drone presentation of Intel for the Winter Olympics?

Drone services and technology are now considered one of the most exciting and essential tools in presentations and advertisement. Who could not resist the temptation of these flying machines giving viewers a different perspective and endless creative possibilities? That number might almost be at zero.

The Importance of Effective Advertisement

This is a no-brainer. Advertisements are meant to entice. It is a crucial step in the buying process before a potential customer checks out what you have to offer.

Gone are the days of jingles and ridiculously staged actors convincing buyers to purchase this or that product. Buyers are smarter now, and much harder to convince.

So what is an advertiser to do? Just like any skilled hunter, they use quality bait. And we don’t know about you but if a flying cockroach is bound to get anybody’s attention, what more if it’s a flying banner above your head during an event?

Or a breathtaking dynamic shot of your beach resort or restaurant?

What about if it’s a virtual walkthrough through an amusement park?

An effective advertisement is directly proportional to a sale. That is a constant. The question will always be on how to effectively market your product to today’s buyer who has an attention span shorter than a matchstick and standards as high as the Burj Khalifa.

The Perks of Using UAVs for Advertising

Drones or more fitting to be called UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) have a long history that dates back to our founding fathers. Today, they are embraced as part of producing engaging content that is bound to catch the attention of anybody who will see them.

Still having second thoughts on using UAVs for your production? Here are 4 distinct advantages that you will once you get up in the air.

1.     Different perspective

Buyers are harder to convince now. With the market being oversaturated with the marketing campaigns and efforts of other companies, you have to stand out. And standing out does not mean promotions or special offers. You have to step up to heights that only a few explore.

Aerial videography and photography have always been a source of fascination for most people. The human fascination for being on top of the mountains, a building or anything that is structurally high gives us… well… a natural high.

Exhilaration. Curiosity. Excitement. Fear. Wonder. All of this by simply being on top.

If you want your product to be on top, why not start at the top? Literally.

2.     Cool use of technology

Because why not? Gone are the days where we wished for flying things because we already have them. Might as well use them!

UAVs have definitely been rocking the cool reputation for several years now. And every year, the designs and the functionalities just keep on getting better and better.

What better way to showcase a progressive branding strategy using the best tools out there than using drones. They come in all shapes and sizes, designed to withstand the tasks that will be thrown at them.

Have you seen our production lately using a hacked mini drone? Mini drones are usually used for racing but with a bit of tech know-how from the SkyStance team, the Turkish Village Restaurant in Dubai now has a new video advertisement.

3.     Timely and relevant

Recently, we were part of an event by ROCHE, the world’s largest biopharmaceutical company who focuses on targeted healthcare.

They pride themselves on delivering solutions today even as they develop things for tomorrow. A company as progressive as ROCHE is the perfect example of using technology to their advantage. Instead of giving out flyers, they gave the audience the unique experience of being in an age where technology trumps traditional by using drones to send out their message.

As we coast through the rest of the 21st century, it is just fitting that companies make use of technology that their consumers recognize. One of those technologies would be UAVs.

Can you imagine being at an event with these mini copters flying around carrying placards or banners or even posters? We can, because somebody has already done it. Well-played, ROCHE.

4.     Cost-effective

We have mentioned in a previous blog post 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Drone Services in Dubai that hands down, using UAVs are more cost-effective than common aerial solutions like helicopters or glide planes or airplanes.

Take a helicopter for example. According to Seawings who deals with tours in Dubai, a 60-minute chartered helicopter tour is priced at AED 12,850. That’s AED 2,142 per person!

If money grew on trees, sure, this would be peanuts for some. But let’s snap back to reality and re-read that figure. AED 12,850  for 60 minutes in the air. And another reality check: the economy is not as good as it used to. We all need to be more frugal, that’s the truth.

We can definitely tell you that hiring professional drone service providers will not set you back that much. Maybe even less than half of that ridiculous amount!

Lower costs for marketing a high-value product may mean the difference between reaching a target or failing to do so. Spell R-O-I. We are not aiming to break even, we aim to break higher… And a high ROI is a marketer’s heaven.

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