Aerial Surveying and Mapping
Land surveying and mapping in Dubai and globally can be tough and time-consuming. Skystance uses advanced photogrammetric techniques in order to conduct surveying faster and more efficiently whilst reducing cost.

Here are some of the data we can provide with Aerial surveying:
  • GIS Integration
  • Centimetre accurate survey
  • 2D Orthomosaic & 3D Maps
  • Digital Terrain & Contour lines
  • Google maps overlay (KML)
  • LiDAR for large scale projects

Our team of experts utilizes various softwares such as Pix4D, Agisoft, Drone Deploy, Globalmapper, and others. We provide our clients the GIS data we’ve collected by cloud sharing or through different file formats such as XYZ, LAZ, LAS, GeoTIFF, and etc.