SkyStance proudly announces its partnership with Workswell S.R.O. manufacturers of state of the art thermal imaging camera, WIRIS 2. We are officially the Middle East distributors of this great technology.

WIRIS 2 is a thermal imaging solution for unmanned aircraft. It’s a compact system combining a calibrated thermal and optical camera as well as a control unit in one solid housing. Here are some of its functions:

• Resolution: up to 640 x 512px
• Digital zoom up to 14x
• Option for different lenses
• 19 different color palettes
• Thermography photogrammetry
• Thermographic 3D models
• Temperature sensitivity: up to 30 mK

• Temp range: -40°C to 550°C (1500°C O/R)
• Accuracy: ± 2% or ± 2°C
• Weight: 400g
• External memory – USB Flash disk
• Internal memory: 32GB
• Recording radiometric data

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