SkyStance proudly announces its partnership with Workswell S.R.O. manufacturers of state of the art thermal imaging camera,DJI M600 Pro Kit, WIRIS 2. We are officially the Middle East distributors of this great technology by Workswell.

SkyStance and Workswell S.R.O. offers you our (Ready-To- Fly) DJI M600 Pro + WIRIS 2 + Ronin MX Gimbal combo kit. The M600 Pro is one of the most durable and powerful drone from DJI. It’s designed for filmmakers and industrial applications.It supports multiple gimbals. The modular design makes the M600 easy to set up and ready to use in just minutes. Its dust proof propulsion system simplifies maintenance while the actively cooled motors provide reliability during long extended periods of operation.

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