The Best Drone for Industrial Applications

Mar 13, 2018     Admin

The M600 Pro ready to fly

The Industrial Workhorse of Drones

If you are looking for a ready-to-fly commercial flying platform, look no further. The M600 Pro is powerful, flexible and suitable for a lot of applications.

Setup and Industrial Features

Compared to the regular M600, the M600 Pro is ready out of the box installed. It also comes with the new A3 Flight Controller and Lightbridge2. That's close to zero setup time!

The M600 Pro is a professional hexacopter designed to lift up to 6 kilograms of pay load. With 6 batteries, a flight time of 16 to 36 minutes makes it perfect for data collecting and aerial imaging. The accuracy is on point that it can do centimeter-precise navigation with the A3 Flight Controller. This makes the M600 Pro the best industrial drone in the market.

The M600 Pro was designed for a wide range of commercial and industrial use. It can effortlessly carry any set of cameras or device because of the hefty payload. Load on any multiple-imaging sensors and get excellent results for aerial mapping. Use it for thermal imaging, surveying, inspection, monitoring -- name it, the M600 Pro can handle it.


M600 Pro Film Making and Aerial Photography

Drones are all the hype with cinematography and videography today and the M600 does the job too. It comes together with DJI's Light Bridge 2 so you can do 1080p 60fps live streaming on your viewing device. The range? It does wonders even as far as 5-kilometer ranges.

Have your own professional camera? No worries! The M600 pro was designed to carry up to 6 kilograms of load. So go ahead, strap your RED Epic, Arri or Black Magic or any camera within the payload and go crazy. Don't forget your Ronin-MX Gimbal!

Safety Features of the M600 Pro

Yes, we all know the accidents involved with drones all over the world. But the M600 Pro is so safe, you can leave all your worries at the helipad. The hexacopter has a triple redundancy system -- it stabilizes the system even if you lose a prop or a motor. It can support even the loss of an ESC or a battery fail while in flight. This means safe landings no matter what the situation, every time and all the time.

Conclusion and Final Comments

Truly, the M600 Pro is DJI’s ultimate commercial flying platform combined with all of DJI’s latest technology. This is a copter designed to be simple, flexible yet able to do the most complicated jobs.



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