FPV Camera: Mounting And Installing On The M600 Pro

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Why Would You Need A FPV Camera?

A FPV camera is essential for any drone pilot. Without it, the pilot will have challenges seeing where the drone is going everytime the payload camera is being controlled separately. Unlike the Inspire 2, the Matrice 600 Pro doesn’t come with a Pilot Camera. But don't worry! There is a way to install a FPV camera on the M600 Pro and Skystance will teach you how to do it easily.

How To Choose A FPV Camera For The M600 Pro.

Pilots need to pick a FPV camera that has very low latency so that they would get accurate live video feed on the screen. Skystance chose the RunCam Swift 2, a small, lightweight FPV camera commonly used for drone racing because of its low latency and decent quality video.

Installing The FPV Camera

  1. Carefully remove the top canopy of the M600 Pro by unscrewing one of the A3 Pro GPS antennas and four more screws around the canopy.

  2. Route the wire harness of the pilot camera inside the frame. The wires should be hidden and protected within frame and the canopy. Then connect the signal, power, and ground wires from your camera to the AV input on the Lightbridge 2. (Note that there might be a need to make your own wire)

  4. Mount the FPV pilot camera to the front of the aircraft. Make sure that it is close enough for the wires to reach. A  3D printed mount or any DIY mount can be used for this step. 

  5. mount

  6. Replace the top canopy using the same 4 screws and then screwing on the A3 Pro GPS Antenna. Tighten the screws correctly to avoid losing them.

  7. Power up the M600 Proand see if the video is perfectly working by going to the DJI GO App.

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    Not many people know about this process so at this moment, you have the advantage. Try it out today!

    If have more technical questions about drone and drone equipment, shoot us an email via theoffice@skystance.com and we'll be happy to help you out.

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