“Skystance is a team of professionals dedicated to providing organizations, companies, and small businesses with data and solutions suitable to their needs and demands. We believe with our drone services in Dubai, it’s easier to make smarter choices, maintain quality, monitor progress, survey, inspect and investigate, cut costs, reduce man-hours, provide safer working environment, and always stay ahead.”


“SkyStance is a company based in Dubai, UAE. We are a qualified and dedicated group of aviation and engineering experts led by our Emirati Owner and Director, Captain Meshari Muzafar Alhaj who has over 20 years experience in the Aviation Industry. Our expertise ranges from Avionics Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Science, Aviation Safety to Airbus-380 & Boeing-777 Airline Captains.”


We could tell you that we are the best, fully-licensed and certified by the GCAA/DCAA to fly in the UAE fly zone. We can also tell you that our prices are very competitive in the market and that’s why our customers keep stay with our services. But this is not about us.

Our service is about you. It is about giving our customers THE BEST rather than us being the best is what we’re all about, and that’s why you should choose Skystance. We are committed to delivering quality with the highest safety standards. Our ‘GO TO’ team carries out a comprehensive risk assessment of the work site and its surroundings to ensure the safety of our crew, your employees, and the general public and property. We rigorously maintain our fleet of Drones to a planned schedule ensuring that all equipment are in best working condition always. Skystance will never let you down.